Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Trip III

Where are our seats? I asked my grandpa. Up there,he pointed to a row of chairs .We were at the circus walking around wathig the pre-show. When we where in our seats the show began. It was AMAZING. The trained dogs were cool so was when 2 pepole were blasted out of a cannon. I went to a book sale with grandpa I got like 10 books a puzzzle and a baod game for $8. on the way home we stoped at my grandma and grandpa's house on the other side of the and granpa took us caving. We found a dark camber and ate lunch in the candle lightthe next day we drov home and thats where I'm right now the trip is over.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the trip II

I`m still here in Texas, more & more things are happening. My dad wasn’t able to come on this trip and Mom said we either had to go home soon or buy Dad a plane ticket. So Dad’s coming here on Friday. Dad will only be able to stay here for three days because he has to get back to work on his dissertation which is due in December.

A couple days ago we went to the rodeo. It was so cool. The clown nearly got killed by a bull. There was a cowboy monkey riding a dog and the monkey’s name was Whiplash. I kept on asking my mom to sign me up for mutton busting and she kept on saying that she didn’t think that I would be able to because I might have to sign up really early in advance which was already too late or I might be too old or she just might not know how. I felt really jealous when I saw other kids doing mutton bustin at the rodeo. Mutton bustin is when you have to ride clinging onto the side of a sheep while it runs and whoever can stay on the sheep the longest without falling off wins. In this case a cute little eight-year-old won.

The night after the rodeo ended I went back to my Uncle Joe’s farm. At the farm I got to drive two different kinds of tractors and Joe’s truck. I nearly killed Joe in his truck when instead of pushing the brake down smoothly I just slammed my foot on it. Now originally the kids were going to ride in the back of the truck while I drove. But Grandma said that wouldn’t be such a good idea. And then when I slammed on the brakes hard I understood what she meant.

Well the trip aint over yet. See what happens on the big “Trip III.”

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Trip

Can I have some goldfish? I asked my mom as we drove around through the middle of nowhere. We had been driving around for about 5 or 6 hours. We were on our way to Texas to visit our grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins. But it was a 2 day drive. We had left at 4 in the morning so we could get a good start and not arrive late. We arrived in Alburqurque where my other grandma and grandpa live, and stayed there for a couple of days. And then we got back in the car at 5 in the morning and set off for Texas. At 4pm we finally arrived at my grandma and granpa's house. I hadn't seen my grandma for about a year and a half. But my grandpa came to visit just a few months ago. My great grandma lives with my grandma and grandpa because she is old and can't take care of herself. This really nice woman named Loupe takes care of her and stays with her all the time. Loupe taught me hows to play hand and foot and slapjack.
My uncle Joe and my aunt Jessica live on a farm on about an hours drive from grandma and grandpa. This post is being made at their house. They have tons of animals, goats, sheeps, chickens, cats, dogs, and other stuff. Me and uncle Joe went to go shoot a rabbit a couple of days ago, and on the way home we saw an armadillo. Joe said that this was the second time he had ever seen an armadillo at this farm. I tried to persuade him to shoot it so we could show it to Jessica, but he said: "who wants a dead armadillo with a hole in it? You guys are blood thirsty, aren't you?" So I went up to catch the armadillo, but it ran under the chicken coop and changed into a ball. The next day I was playing around at their house and I went into the pen with the sheep. They had a ram in there, and I started petting it. Then the ram backed away, put his head down, and charged. I was right next to an electric fence that was only about a foot above the ground. So I ran toward it, jumped over it, and the ram slowed down. I also saw something very gross that day. One of their cats was eating a big fat rat, and I could see its organs.
I have some second cousins whose last name are Allreds. They are in a family of 8. The youngest is named Josie then Olivia, then Jack, then Emma, then Sam, and then the oldest is Will. The mom's name is Allison and the dad's Aaron. Me and Sam went on a bike ride in the forrest, and Sam showed me a big creek that went right through the forest. Me and him found a nice shallow spot and went swimming in it that night. The next day we brought Will, Jack, and Emma and showed them the nice place that we found, and then they went swimming with us. So here I am now, at Joe and Jessica's waiting for some other exciting things to happen while I am still on this trip.

Monday, May 26, 2008


My aunt Kate is awesome, she has the coolest job ever. She takes pictures of magazies and books, Sometimes she even takes pictures of my family members I've never had my picture taken & been put in a magazein but mabye it will happen some day. I love my dads itte sis:Kate



Sunday, May 4, 2008


My name is Logan. I am 10 years old and have blond hair(and I am not dumb.)Some of my friends names are Ryan and his little bro Logan (like me) and a kid named Adam and a kid named Taylor Ryan and Taylor are in my class and Logan goes to my school I used to live Orem Utah now I live in Salt Lake city Adam was my friend in Orem now that live in Salt Lake city witch is not to far from Orem so I can see him every once in a while me, Adam Ryan are in 4th grade logan is in 2nd.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



BOOK: Sea of Monsters
BOOK SERIES: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
MOVIE: Pirates of the Carrabian. Curse of the Black Pearl
ACTORS: Jack Black & Jonny Depp
HOBIES: Playing compuder & anoining my mom
PLACE: Amusement park
SCHOOL SUBJCT: Recess & lunch
TOY: Game boy
GAME: Toilet tag
SPORT: Football
MUSIC:Heavy Meatle Rock
BAND: Led Zephlen AC/DC
SONG: Back in Black