Wednesday, April 16, 2008



BOOK: Sea of Monsters
BOOK SERIES: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
MOVIE: Pirates of the Carrabian. Curse of the Black Pearl
ACTORS: Jack Black & Jonny Depp
HOBIES: Playing compuder & anoining my mom
PLACE: Amusement park
SCHOOL SUBJCT: Recess & lunch
TOY: Game boy
GAME: Toilet tag
SPORT: Football
MUSIC:Heavy Meatle Rock
BAND: Led Zephlen AC/DC
SONG: Back in Black


Nancy Sabina said...

How do you play toilet tag?

angela michelle said...

If the person who is it tags you then you have to crouch your knees and stick out your arm and wait for somebody to push your arm down and that's how you get flushed. After you get flushed you can start running again. -Logan

angela michelle said...

A-HA! I KNEW annoying me was one of your hobbies! Well I'll just have to start devising my own retaliation strategies!

Mark said...

When I was a kid, AC/DC was my favorite band! They are actually a bunch of raunchy low-lifes and many of their songs are rude, crude, and totally unacceptable. But they also made many songs that undeniably rock the casbah. They have stood the test of time. I'm also a big Zep fan! Rock on!
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Toilet tag sounds crazy! Who came up with it? Also, excellent choice on your favorite sport. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

Adam said...

Tyler said sea of monsters is a really cool book I'll probably read it soon too. I hope we see each other soon.(the blog is awesome)

your friend

Farmer Joe said...

Jack Black really does rock. Did you know that he first came to fame with the band Tenascious D? Yep, that's right, Ten-D has been around for a long time before the movie about a pick of destiny (which I have not yet seen)
I always enjoyed the song about the "mucky muck." Heard it yet? If not, you should, as Nacho would say, "sheckidoouuuut."

angela michelle said...

thanks Adam I hope
to see you to