Sunday, July 20, 2008

the trip II

I`m still here in Texas, more & more things are happening. My dad wasn’t able to come on this trip and Mom said we either had to go home soon or buy Dad a plane ticket. So Dad’s coming here on Friday. Dad will only be able to stay here for three days because he has to get back to work on his dissertation which is due in December.

A couple days ago we went to the rodeo. It was so cool. The clown nearly got killed by a bull. There was a cowboy monkey riding a dog and the monkey’s name was Whiplash. I kept on asking my mom to sign me up for mutton busting and she kept on saying that she didn’t think that I would be able to because I might have to sign up really early in advance which was already too late or I might be too old or she just might not know how. I felt really jealous when I saw other kids doing mutton bustin at the rodeo. Mutton bustin is when you have to ride clinging onto the side of a sheep while it runs and whoever can stay on the sheep the longest without falling off wins. In this case a cute little eight-year-old won.

The night after the rodeo ended I went back to my Uncle Joe’s farm. At the farm I got to drive two different kinds of tractors and Joe’s truck. I nearly killed Joe in his truck when instead of pushing the brake down smoothly I just slammed my foot on it. Now originally the kids were going to ride in the back of the truck while I drove. But Grandma said that wouldn’t be such a good idea. And then when I slammed on the brakes hard I understood what she meant.

Well the trip aint over yet. See what happens on the big “Trip III.”


Nancy Sabina said...

I sure am glad I didn't know that story about you slamming on the brake of the truck before I jumped in the back of the tractor while you were driving. You did a good job of driving that.

Anonymous said...

Christopher had a fabulous time hanging out with you and the cousins. He has had a lot of great stories to tell -- sometimes we're not sure where fact gives way to fiction! You should come hang out in DC with us sometime! Aunt Nancy

Mark said...

Logan, when you get older I will teach you how to drive. You will love it.


P.S. I miss you. Thanks for writing on your blog so I can read about you.

Danielle Ward said...

Hey Logan, this is Ryan. I am so glad that you're coming home, it has been really boring here with out you! Hope you had a nice trip. See you soon!