Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Trip III

Where are our seats? I asked my grandpa. Up there,he pointed to a row of chairs .We were at the circus walking around wathig the pre-show. When we where in our seats the show began. It was AMAZING. The trained dogs were cool so was when 2 pepole were blasted out of a cannon. I went to a book sale with grandpa I got like 10 books a puzzzle and a baod game for $8. on the way home we stoped at my grandma and grandpa's house on the other side of the and granpa took us caving. We found a dark camber and ate lunch in the candle lightthe next day we drov home and thats where I'm right now the trip is over.


Mom said...

I'm sure glad that you spent some of your summer here in Texas!! We love you guys!
Grandma A

Danielle Ward said...

hi Logan this is Logan,
so you really went to a circus!
they are sooooo fun!!!

see you tomorrow

earl said...

It was very fun having you dudes and dudettes come stay with us. You sure got a lot of fun things done! But we saved some cool things, too. Next time, I want you to learn how to use the scrollsaw, and make something with it. Come any time.

angela michelle said...

Logan I love the way you start your stories with a question or dialogue that puts your reader right into the action. You are a great writer! I love reading your blog. But you need to write more often!!! What about the first day of school? Or coming back home from your trip?

Sarah said...

Hey this is Adam Passey from Washington I just want to note that I checked out your blog and I noticed that you haven't written in it since August and I think that you should write in it again so I can learn about what your doing lately and I am going to go to Utah again in spring break. The blog you have lets me write to you and talk to you without going long distance on the phone. We'll be sure to visit you when we come back in spring break.